Things to ask your Alarm System Company before you sign any contracts

Q. How much will my monitoring cost per month____________________?

A. Monitoring starting at $15.00 dollars a month and topping out at $29.99.

Q. How often does my alarm system send a test signal to the central station___________?

A. We have every system send a test signal Daily to ensure your system is working at 100%

Q. Where is the central station that monitors my system located________________?

A. Our UL listed central station is local in Kansas City Missouri.

Q. How much is your service rate after my warranty is expired_______________?

A. Our service rate is $65.00 an hour and that’s after a 1-year warranty.

Q. How long is the monitoring contract, I have to sign with your company____________?

A. We offer a contract but it’s your choice sign one or not. It’s optional!

Q. Do I own my system or is it a lease until the contract is expired_____________?

A. All sales and equipment are yours at the time of the sale.

Q. Is my system proprietary only to your company and a few others________?

A. All the systems we sell are made by Honeywell and any alarm company can monitor it.

Q. Where is your main office and is your company licensed to work in Missouri_________?

A. We are located in O’Fallon Missouri and here is our state License # LC00-1461417.



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