Hayes Home Security offers both commercial and residential products and installation. If you aren’t sure which products you need, then click here and get more information.


At Hayes Home Security, we provide security and monitoring systems for both commercial and residential locations. Our reliable services and products will safeguard your business or home with complete, 24-hour monitoring and surveillance, giving you the peace of mind and safety needed for your business and family to thrive. A comprehensive security system from Hayes Home Security provides the ultimate protection for your home and everything in it. We utilize the most advanced, user-friendly home security technology in the industry. Our systems give you lots of features and options to fine-tune your security package to suit your home or business. Our systems are all easy to use, so your employees or family can learn how to operate them too. 24-hour monitoring services are provided by Alarm Central LLC, a UL-listed central station providing security dealers and their customers the best and broadest range of services. Alarm Central is a member of the Central Station Alarm Association, the National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association and the Kansas City Burglar & Fire Alarm Association. They were our number one choice for monitoring based on their reputation, reliability and innovative technology.

Security for Businesses

Crime prevention is a massively important task for small businesses to focus on. Small crimes can cost small businesses big time. Crimes affecting small business cost those establishments billions of dollars in profit and business every year. At Hayes Home Security, we address these concerns in all areas where crimes against businesses can occur. For example, we provide video monitoring at shipping and loading docks, cash registers and inventory storage. Inexpensive commercial camera systems let business owners monitor activity well after closing time. You can view who is accessing your property in real-time and decide whether they are allowed to or not. Video surveillance is currently the primary safety feature in a commercial building and reinforces the protection from deadbolt locks and other forms of commercial security. On top of that, Hayes also offers card entry systems so that employees can be allowed to enter business premises without visual monitoring. Hours and access can be customized for employees, all from a browser-based interface which takes no time to learn.

Fire is one disaster that could put you right out of business or your home. Our fire detection systems allow for affordable and reliable protection that complies with stringent fire codes. We offer UL-approved Manual Pull Stations and Supervised Smoke Detectors. We also offer a Water Flow Supervisory System that sends a signal to the monitoring station when water begins to flow, so sprinklers can be shut off based on need, allowing for minimal water damage.

Security for Home Owners

Our residential security systems apply our services and products to your home’s protection. Complete video surveillance of your home is monitored by Alarm Central LLC, while our alarm systems feature Tuxedo Touch from Honeywell Security, allowing you and your family members to protect your home with an easy-to-learn interface that includes voice controls, remote access, web-enabled tv control and door locks. Now you can enjoy around the house security viewing, fully controllable home automation, 24/7 instant security monitoring and assistance and receiving instant alerts in real-time.

Hayes Home Security is committed to providing commercial and residential locations with inexpensive, around-the-clock, easy-to-learn security systems. Call our office today at (636) 577-7881 to begin consultations with our team!

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