Complicated is in the Past

People like easy. At HHS, we also offer Home Audio, Video and TV System Services that connect your home’s devices together and let you control them all easier and quicker than ever before! With so many devices and systems in homes, restaurants, bars and businesses, you need a quick and easy-to-use control system so there’s practically no setting you can’t change from an app or handheld device like a phone or tablet.

With the convenience of smart device apps, you’ll be able to control your home’s or business’ audio, video and TV systems more without ever having to leave right where you are, as long as you’re connected to the Internet. Our team will recommend and install the best, easiest-to-use home tech devices that will have you living like royalty. As long as you have a smart device in your hand, you’re king of the castle and everything is under your control.


One of the greatest challenges of operating a security system is teaching your family or employees how to use it. Hayes solves this problem by creating easy-to-use panel boards and programming that are simple enough for anyone to understand. Anyone with admin permission can program levels of security and schedule alarm times via their smartphone or directly from the main panel wirelessly. You’ll never have to worry about somebody messing up the system ever again.

Speakers & Surround Sound

Sound is all about quality, and our speaker systems will blow you away. From towers to subwoofers, our speakers completely use a room’s space to balance your audio, allowing you to experience what you’re hearing as if you were in the movie, at the game or watching your favorite artist perform.

Video Sources

Your video/audio receiver is the hub of your home theater system. It provides power and sound processing so your speakers have the right sound quality. Our receivers act as a connection hub for your other video sources, from smart devices to computers, laptops and TVs and more. Our systems even let you control and monitor which satellites display which feeds, so showing different programs on multiple screens throughout your bar or restaurant is easier than ever with a phone or a control interface behind the bar.


Home theater systems are focused around a single or multiple TV or projector screens. We know that bigger is always better. Whether it’s for live sports, movie night, streaming concerts or live events, our team will install your TV screens with the latest in picture technology like 4K resolution on screens over 100” or larger. We can install any amount of TV screens into any wall or insert them in any space with customizable adjustments so your screen is visible from wherever you’d like. Our customers love the incredible picture quality we provide.